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Hampshire Cruise Control Fitting

If you do a lot of driving, installing a cruise control system in your vehicle makes a lot of sense. Driving is tiring, both physically and mentally, and it’s easy to lose concentration and unintentionally exceed the speed limits.

Cruise control is an affordable add-on which can be retro-fitted to most vehicles dating from 2007 onwards. Hampshire-based Reverse Park’s mobile fitters come to your home or place of work, by appointment, to fit your cruise control system. The company is based between Southampton and Portsmouth and covers an approximate radius of 60 miles. To check you are in Reverse Park’s area, check the map on the contact page

Benefits of cruise control systems

Fitting a cruise control has many advantages for drivers, particularly those driving long distances:

  • Makes driving less tiring, especially on long journeys
  • Reduces the risk of getting caught in speed traps
  • Prevents exceeding the speed limit when driving in ‘average-speed’ areas
  • Driving at a consistent speed increases fuel efficiency

Booking your speed control fitting

Reverse Park’s mobile fitters come to your home or your place of business. To arrange an appointment for cruise control fitting or for more information, you can or give them a call on on 07979 353696 or 01489 449020.

Hampshire’s Reverse Park has partnered with Synergy Automotive Electrics, official distributors of Lindgaard Pederson, innovative range of cruise controls and speed limiters.

Have you ever wondered how a cruise control system actually works? Be prepared to be impressed by this short video demonstrating the Lindgaard Pederson cruise control system.

Want to know more about fitting one in your car? Speak to Reverse Park today.

More about cruise control systems

Like all of Reverse Park’s vehicle technology systems, the cruise controls are guaranteed for as long as you own that vehicle. 

Cruise control is designed to be used on motorways, dual carriageways, and suitable A-roads, when you are travelling at a speed in excess of 30mph. 

Cruise control should not be used in heavy traffic, or in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow and ice. 

Reverse Park can retro-fit cruise control to most vehicles built after 2007. If you are in any doubt if it can be fitted to your car, call Reverse Park on 07979 353696. 

The earliest speed control system was invented in the 1800s for use in steam engines. 

The pre-cursor to modern-day speed control systems was invented by a blind mechanical engineer in 1949, in America. 

How to operate your cruise control system

Your can engage your cruise control once you have reached your desired speed. This must be in excess of 30mhp. Once engaged, you remove your foot from the accelerator, leaving the cruise control to maintain the consistent speed you have selected.

To increase your speed, simply put your foot back on the accelerator until you have reached your new desired speed and reset the system.

The speed control will automatically disengage when you press the brake pedal, allowing you to respond safely to hazards or changes in driving conditions.


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