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About Reverse Park Ltd ... Hampshire's Vehicle Safety Technology Fitters

Reverse Park Southampton Ltd is a family owned business, headed by managing director, Bob Evans. Bob has many years’ experience in the motor industry and has been fitting parking sensor since their inception in 1998.

Reverse Park is a family business and Bob’s team includes his son James and son-in-law Martin.

Reverse Park’s area

The Reverse Park team covers approximately a 60 mile radius from its base between Southampton and Portsmouth. If you’re in Hampshire or the surrounding counties and considering fitting a vehicle safety device to your car, simply check the map to see if you are in Reverse Park’s area.

Why choose Reverse Park?

The company’s motto sums up its approach and commitment to service ‘Modern Technology … Old Fashioned Service. Combined with unrivalled experience and that makes Hampshire-based Reverse Park a small local company you can trust.

The Reverse Park parking sensor guarantee

Reverse Park only supplies and fits the best quality vehicle safety devices. Because the company is so confident in its products and service, all its parking sensors come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Lifetime warranty‘ means the guarantee is for the time you remain the registered keeper of the car.
  • Our guarantee covers ALL costs including labour AND parts.
  • Any warranty repairs must be done within 5 miles of the address where we installed the sensors.
  • The warranty does not cover accidental damage or problems caused by dismantling, adjustment or any form of alteration by anyone that is not an employee of Reverse Park.
  • If the original system is not available we reserve the right to replace any part or whole system with a comparable system.

After-market accessories do not affect new vehicle warranties.

There is a common myth circulating amongst vehicle owners and dealership personnel – according to some ‘experts’, adding after-market parts will void a new vehicle’s warranty. This is completely false.

Your vehicle’s warranty is unaffected by having parking sensors or cameras fitted.

We guarantee that should any dealer justifiably refuses a warranty repair because of our work we will pay the bill. We fit sets to new cars every week for several dealerships.

We have had calls from potential customers where the dealers have simply lied to them and told them that if sensors are fitted they will cancel the warranty. THIS IS ILLEGAL. Should you experience this, then ask for clarification in writing. We wrote to a local dealership and asked the question because it happened to one of our customers. This is the reply from the dealership:

Dear Mr Evans.
Thanks for your email. Having parking sensors fitted to your vehicle will not invalidate your warranty. I hope this information helps - thank you once again for contacting us and if there's anything else I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.

The full ReversePark sitemap is here: click this link.

Reversepark Southampton Limited is registered in England. Company number: 11835633
Registered address: 24 Coniston Road, Southampton, Hampshire, England, SO16 9BT

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