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Reverse Park - Parking Sensors Hampshire
Professionally Fitted at Home or Work
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Parking Sensors Professionally Fitted at Your Home or Work - Mobile Installation throughout Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire & Dorset

Parking Sensors Hampshire, Sussex & Dorset - Professionally Fitted at Your Home or Workplace

Call Bob or James on 01489 449020 or 07979 353696

Reverse Park - Mobile Fitting of Parking Sensors, Reversing Cameras, Dash Cameras, Cruise Control & Vehicle Tracking Equipment Hampshire, Sussex & Dorset

Reverse Park in Hampshire supply and fit parking sensors that are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle to which they are fitted.

We are mobile - so we come to you. As long as you are within a 60 mile radius of Southampton we come out to your home or place of work and professionally fit your parking sensor and / or reversing cameras to your vehicle.

With unrivalled quality products, we are able to supply the largest range of parking systems with unique and innovative designs. So you can be sure that we can meet your exact requirements, unlike many of our competitors who have a 'one fits all' approach.

When you trust your car to Reverse Park you are leaving it in the safe hands of a family company that take the time to understand your needs. We don't believe that one solution solves all problems.

parking sensors hampshire

We Keep it Simple with Quality products & Quality Service
Mobile Fitting Within a 60 Mile Radius of Southampton at Home or Workplace
With No Nonsense Pricing & a Guarantee for as Long as You Own the Vehicle

"Dude the replacement camera you fitted is excellent,in fact Perfect"     [text message received 8 June 2016]

"Bob, just a note to say that my wife remains delighted with the parking sensors - a job well done. kind regards"     [Dr Alex MacLeod]

Our Parking Sensor Prices with a Guarantee for as Long as You Own the Vehicle

All rear parking sensors are always fully automatic (they turn on whenever you are in reverse gear)

Rear Parking Sensor Prices
  • 4 Rear Parking Sensors with Audible Warning: £155
Front Parking Sensor Prices
  • Front Parking Sensors Option 1 - we fit a switch and you switch them on when you want to: £180
  • Front Parking Sensors Option 2 - we install a Canbus (computer) integration to make fronts totally automatic, the fronts turn on when you start the engine, & stay on until vehicle at 6mph. They turn back on when speed reduces to 6mph: £260
Front AND Rear Parking Sensor Prices - ANY CAR
  • Front AND Rear Parking Sensors - with Option 1 above for front: £275
  • Front AND Rear Parking Sensors - with Option 2 above for front: £350
Visual Displays, Cameras & Monitor Prices
  • If you want a visual display for front or rear add £20.00
  • Rear view camera and monitor: £180 (deduct £30 if fitted the same time as parking sensors)

Parking sensors are always painted the same colour as your vehicle except when the bumper is black. Parking sensors are always guaranteed as long as you own the vehicle. Cameras and monitors are guaranteed for 2 years.

We need the colour code for your vehicle, visit for more information or you can call your vehicle dealership, ask for the parts department, and they can give it to you from your registration number.

The installation can be done at your home or workplace. We do not need access to power.

Why Choose Reverse Park for Your Parking Sensor?

Quite simply... because we have the experience that you can rely on.

We know that your car is more than a tool that gets you from point A to point B, it’s your freedom.

Your car lets you complete essential daily activities such as traveling to and from work, buying groceries and picking up the children from school. You depend on it, so it’s important that you receive quality goods and a service that is unrivaled in the industry.

Reverse Park is a family owned business, led by Bob Evans. Bob has been in the motor trade since 1974. Bob fitted his first set of parking sensors in 1998 when parking sensors were just starting to be fitted and he has built an enviable reputation in the industry. He is assisted by his son James and son-in-law Martin. A family business that you can trust.

We fit parking sensors and rear view cameras at your home or workplace - parking sensors fitted anywhere within a 60 mile radius of Southampton including Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Poole, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Farnham, Farnborough, Camberley, Reading, Newbury and Winchester.

Reverse Park also fits reversing cameras which are excellent if you have a need to see closely behind you - you will be able to see much more than the view in your mirror! We fit rear view or reversing cameras to most makes of car, with a variety of fitting options from bumper fitted to number plates.

parking sensors hampshire

parking sensors hampshire

Our Guarantee Covers All Costs - Labour AND Parts

Lifetime Warranty

Our 'lifetime warranty' means that the guarantee is for the time you remain the registered keeper of the car.

Our guarantee covers ALL costs - labour AND parts.

Any warranty repairs must be done within 5 miles of the address where we installed the sensors.

Our warranty does not cover accidental damage or problems caused by dismantling, adjustment or any form of alteration by anyone that is not an employee of Reverse Park.

If the original system is not available we reserve the right to replace any part or whole system with a comparable system.

parking sensors hampshire

Bob Evans with the alternative to parking sensors

After-market accessories do not affect new vehicle warranties.
There is a common myth circulating amongst vehicle owners and dealership personnel – according to some 'experts', adding after-market parts will void a new vehicle’s warranty. This is completely false.

Guaranteed parking sensors - for the whole time that you remain the registered keeper of the vehicle.
We believe in the products that we supply and put our money where our mouth is. We will guarantee fitted and colour coded parking sensors against failure for the whole time that you remain the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Reversing cameras and monitors are guaranteed for 2 years
Dash cams are guaranteed for 12 months.

Your vehicle's warranty is unaffected by having parking sensors or cameras fitted.
Your vehicle's warranty is not affected by having parking sensors or cameras fitted. We guarantee that should any dealer justifiably refuses a warranty repair because of our work we will pay the bill. We fit sets to new cars every week for several dealerships.

We have had calls from potential customers where the dealers have simply lied to them and told them that if sensors are fitted they will cancel the warranty. THIS IS ILLEGAL. Should you experience this then ask for clarification in writing. We wrote to a local dealership and asked the question because it happened to one of our customers. This is the reply from the dealership:

'Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2016 14:46:34 +0000
From: - To:
Subject: Re: Parking sensors [ ref:_00D20nEpl._50020uJfpa:ref ]
Case Reference - 00124953
Dear Mr Evans, Thanks for your email. Having parking sensors fitted to your vehicle will not invalidate your warranty. I hope this information helps - thank you once again for contacting us and if there's anything else I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely, Anisha Shienmar

Reverse Park - Parking Sensors & Reversing Cameras Gallery

parking sensors hampshire
parking sensors hampshire

parking sensors hampshire
parking sensors hampshire

High Quality Sensors & Cameras
with Old Fashioned Service

We supply many excellent brands including Dolphin parking sensors, Cobra parking sensors, CKO parking sensors, Steelmate parking sensors, Veba parking sensors and Halfords parking sensors.

Reverse Park are authorised dealers for many brands of parking sensors and reversing cameras, and can supply the perfect match to your requirements.

Just let us know what you have in mind or have a chat with us about what would be the most suitable sensors or reversing camera for your vehicle.

parking sensors hampshire

parking sensors hampshire

Cobra Parking Sensors

Cobra's parking sensors are a market leading innovative company. Cobra parking sensors are the choice of many vehicle manufacturers fitted as original equipment. Cobra parking sensors totally flush sensor eye installation and provide a superb 'manufacturer style' finish.

parking sensors hampshire

Dolphin Parking Sensors

Dolphin parking sensors, established in 1997, have a market leading range of reverse parking sensors. Dolphin Automotive has an extensive range of options available and Dolphin parking sensors can be bought in a range of pre-coloured parking sensors that can closely match your car paint.

parking sensors hampshire

Steelmate Parking Sensors

Steelmate Automotive (UK) Ltd., founded in 2002,is one of the leading suppliers of parking sensors to the automotive industry. Steelmate parking sensors are one of the largest range of parking systems with innovatively designed visual displays and they take pride in their commitment to customers.

parking sensors hampshire

CKO Parking Sensors

CKO has been involved in the design and development of products for customers in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry for over 20 years. Their products are sourced directly from established manufactures in China, Korea, Taiwan and leading manufactures in the UK and Europe. CKO have a research & development and quality control facility located in China.

parking sensors hampshire

Veba Parking Sensors

Veba have a large range of parking sensors and other products - there is a Veba parking sensor to suit almost every requirement. Veba's range includes high quality innovative observation and safety equipment including reversing cameras, reversing monitors and parking sensors. Veba has high quality bumper fitment products, as well as wireless and colour coded options.

Our Customer Reviews

At Reverse Park we believe in great customer service - the old fashioned kind. Take a look at what our customers say about us below.

"Bob was very prompt in replying to my initial query, and gave good advice on options for sensors/camera and monitor. On the day he arrived promptly, continued to give good advice on which camera was best and sensor positioning. The install was completed in just a couple of hours, and a very tidy job done. Almost no cable is visible, all car trim has been properly put back and the sensors are colour-coded perfectly to the car. All in, an excellent job well done from an expert who obviously knows what he’s doing!"

Christopher Sparkhall

"I'm really pleased with my new rear parking sensors. The whole process of having them fitted from start to finish was easy - great communication from Bob at Reverse Park. Thanks"

Lou Mason - Sent from my iPhone!

"I have just bought a newish Vauxhall Corsa SRi and I really missed having reverse beepers on my car so I found fairly quickly and they were local to me. After a quick email for a quote, Bob called and confirmed the price and we agreed on an installation date. Everything went to plan and Bob and his son James did an excellent job. Highly recommended for a great service if you ever need anything to do with beepers, cameras etc. Many thanks Bob and James!"

Bernie Clarke-Lens, Hill Head, Hampshire

"Thanks for doing a great job today Bob. Sensors work like a dream. £265 transferred. It should be there now. I'll recommend you of others need any work doing!! Best wishes"


I recently had reversing sensors fitted to my Mazda MX5 by Reversepark of Southampton at my home in Salisbury and would like to share my experience with you. I contacted Bob Evans by phone to discuss cost and possible fitting dates. Bob confirmed the cost which I had already calculated from the company’s online brochure and we agreed a convenient time and date. He arrived bang on time and set to work whilst I sorted out the coffee and biscuits! The sensors were sprayed to match exactly the colour of the rear bumper and allowed to dry whilst the holes were drilled and the wiring put in place. The final connections were made and it was job done – no mess, perfectly matched sensors and fully operational in a short time. I would thoroughly recommend both the costs and workmanship provided by Reversepark and on a scale of 1-10 the score is 10 on all counts.

John Gill

parking sensors hampshire

Get in Touch

If you have questions about our parking sensors or parking cameras please feel free to ring us. Or, if you are in Hampshire or within a 60 mile radius of Southampton, and would like us to book a fitting for your new parking sensor or camera, please get in touch.

Just give Bob or James a call on 01489 449020 or 07979 353696

parking sensors hampshire

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